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Just a Word with Rannie Bond


Just another in a long line of Irresponsible and irrational responses by The Journal.

So, let me try refute a few things.  

The Journal says that everyone will benefit from this sewer project. no they won’t When is the Government and special interested ever benefited everyone, civil rights excluded..

Everyone in Columbia should have benefited from the cocaine that is being trafficked to us. However, only a few actually do.  That isn’t any different here in Oconee County.  Just because the OJRSA attorney didn’t have the fortitude to stand up to whoever stood him down doesn’t mean that the Real Conservatives of Oconee County don’t. 


I want to talk a bit about 4 words


Will, Would / Shall, Should/ Shall Not

5.     Shall NOT This be one of the exceptional use of shall in the present-day English to denote an absolute rule, and will cannot be used instead of shall in this particular case. Candidates shall not be allowed to bring any item. means "It is mandatory that candidates not be allowed to bring any item."


The founding of our country was beginning with a principle of “No Taxation without Representation.  This still holds true to all individual American citizens. Do not tax me for something that I can have no input to or benefit from.  This whole law suit hinges on protecting the citizens of Oconee County from a tyrannical Government working at the will of special interest.


You say that these folks are trying to stop a political win for that councilman in an election year.  The fact is he shot himself in the foot when he made all those stump speeches about the county spending at council meetings before he was even elected and while he was suspended due to the true bill incitement of a grand jury of his peers.  After all that he increased the budget more than any other council has in the last 10 years.  Then when challenged about his juvenile leadership and immature management strategies he has the audacity to look down his nose at the public and attack the relationship of the Mann Family.  If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle (Brittany) Black I don’t know what is.  That tells me that the lawsuit has plenty of relevance and the chairman is about to have to figure out who to toss under the bus for his own sake again.


Back to this infantile opinion from the Journal Staff.   The stop short of reading the Constitution like all the other extremist zealots and Jim Jones preachers, only giving just enough not to be called liars but not enough for you to see the entire truth.  So, I’ll do it.


SC Constitution Article 10 SECTION 12. Counties not to incur bonded indebtedness for special services in certain areas without special tax or charge on area or persons benefitted.

    No law shall be enacted permitting the incurring of bonded indebtedness by any county for sewage disposal or treatment, fire protection, street lighting, garbage collection and disposal, water service or any other service or facility benefitting only a particular geographical section of the county unless a special assessment, tax or service charge in an amount designed to provide debt service on bonded indebtedness or revenue bonds incurred for such purposes shall be imposed upon the area or persons receiving the benefit therefrom. (1976 (59) 2217; 1977 (60) 90.)


If you don’t like what “no law shall be” in the SC constitution, maybe you will appreciate this one…



United States Constitution

Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


The very first “Shall not” in the SC constitution Article 10 section 12 is build Sewer Disposal or treatment. The very first.  Shall not means no never. The conservative founders of the State of South Carolina knew then and know now that the citizens should not be taxed for something they WILL NEVER benefit from.


The idea that you can’t work where you don’t pay property tax sounds like a mid-century European nationalist idea or one made by a 3rd grader.


Then they go on to say…

Once built out, more industry will come to Oconee County — that’s a fact.

Prove it.  As previously stated we use Will to show desire for something in the future. Show me the Money.

Jobs will be created, we hope by the thousands. Again Desire.   Hope.  We already have 1,000’s of jobs available that no one wants.

High-paying technical and industrial jobs that will give people from Westminster, Walhalla, Seneca, Long Creek, Mountain Rest and Salem a chance at a better life than the one they have today. Really if the people in these areas had a desire for anything different than their current status they would find the means to achieve it.  There are very few people turned away from the Vocational Rehab, TriCounty and even Clemson.  The opportunity to advance your station in life already exists and isn’t being taken advantage of by some. Others are already moving here to take advantages of these existing opportunities.


Raise a family, maybe buy a home instead of renting. Real life-changing impact for people from all around this county.

That’s exactly what government is supposed to do. The county government must do these things within due bounds of the Law. Just because the law is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it can be ignored.

Property values in the area will increase, but property taxes will remain low because of the weight industry carries in the tax base.  Again, there is a strong desire to keep taxes low but there is zero guarantee in this statement.


Everyone will benefit, even the folks in the Mann clan. Which brings us to our last point.  Again, a strong desire with no certainty

We aren’t completely sure what Mann’s objective here is. He must know the argument is flimsy.

Is it really a flimsy argument?  Support and Defend also means abide by.  No referendum has been passed that says that Oconee County has the Desire to seceded from its Union with the State of South Carolina. There has been no referendum passed that specifically said the tax payers in Mountain Rest and Long Creek have a desire to provide Sewer in Fairplay.  In the 2012 vote the exact opposite was true.   I’d say whoever at the paper that wrote this opinion probably had input in the formation of that question as seen with the misleading statements in this opinion.

Is this national-style political theater playing out here, locally? I think that for the past 40 years this fight has been won by true conservatives and it will continue to be fought. 

His wife is running against a sitting council member. That alone should be reason enough for him to resign his seat as chair of the Republican Party as it’s a direct conflict of interest. But perhaps more maliciously, are they trying to prevent her opponent from a political victory in an election year at the expense of you, the taxpayer?