Moore To The Story

Welcome To Moore To The Story with Luke and Jennifer Moore

Moore To The Story is a non biased direct Conduit of information and accountability between the residents of Oconee and their representatives. Complaints were rampant of all available news sources being tainted by personal agendas and the answer was for someone to step up that wasn't beholden to anyone or any entity. 

Luke is a native of Oconee. He grew up between Long Creek, Westminster and Walhalla. A country boy to say the least. 

Luke's beautiful wife Jennifer Moore has been adopted into the South from her previous state of New Jersey. She has strong conservative values and God and family are at the top of the list. 

Together we strive to help our community by receiving questions and concerns from citizens of Oconee and reaching out to the proper representatives to have those questions answered for them in video form so their can be no twisting of words.

To contact Luke and Jennifer 

(864) 614-9469